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Toxic Bedrooms

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Toxic Bedrooms: Your Guide to a Safe Night's Sleep
By Walter Bader

“One of the most significant changes we can make to reduce our exposure to toxins and improve our overall health is to make modifications in the one location where we spend roughly one-third of our lives: Our bedroom,” says Walter Bader, co-founder of Lifekind®. Toxic Bedrooms is an educational and instructional guide to transforming your sleeping environment from its current state into one that can actually contribute to your well-being.

Your bedroom should be a safe haven, but unfortunately, research is revealing that it may be one of the most toxic places in the home. Considering that the average conventional mattress contains more toxic chemicals than a 50-gallon drum of oil, and that the human skin absorbs everything with which it comes into contact, it's no wonder that chemicals found in mattresses are regularly being found at significant levels in human blood samples.

Toxic Bedrooms outlines the dangers of the toxic threats lurking in the home so that, armed with knowledge, you can defend yourself and your family against them.

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“We received our new Lifekind®mattress, foundation, and topper last Thursday. As you know, Galveston, Texas, and other areas were devastated by Hurricane Ike recently. Houston was also greatly impacted...but we were blessed to have minimal damage. Our new mattress has been one of the best things to happen to us. Though we have had really warm nights, it feels great! We can't wait to sleep on it with A/C running. Also, I am not stuffy when I wake up, and our 18-year-old cat loves the bed. Thank you for your help in choosing the right mattress for us. I look forward to getting a new pillow from you soon.” - L. and J. Tauber, Houston, TX