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Be Aware of Organic Mattress Frauds


Fraud Alert SignWith the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seldom enforcing USDA organic mattress standards and Google, Yahoo, and other search engines refusing to verify website content, consumers are at the mercy of unscrupulous sellers who represent their products as "organic."

Protect yourself by asking to see a copy of the certification for a finished product, ISSUED IN THE MANUFACTURER'S OR WEBSITE'S NAME. Many sites post out-of-date certifications for mattress components, but even then, without an audit by an approved USDA auditor there is no way to know if the component was used in a specific product.

Ninety-nine percent of "organic mattresses" on the web are neither certified nor sanitized. At Lifekind, our product certification is shown on our website (with current dates), and we offer our customers a simple assurance with our Purity Promise: "If you can find a purer mattress, we'll give you ours for FREE!"

Lifekind manufactured the first certified organic textile mattress in North America, as well as the first certified organic latex mattress. We were the first organic mattress manufacturer to submit its products for independent chemical-emissions testing, and the first to prove to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that we could pass all state and Federal fire regulations by using only certified organic wool with absolutely no chemical fire retardants.