Lifekind Editorial Policy



The primary objective of the Lifekind blog is to provide important, interesting and up-to-date information on choosing the best available organic products, making sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices, and educating everyone in keeping the planet safe for future generations by reducing their daily exposure to chemicals in an increasingly toxic world.


Postings are written by individual staff members, and are verified by our editorial team before being posted.


At the author’s discretion, some posts may be open for comment from the public. We encourage our guests to participate in a free and open exchange of ideas, while asking them to respect a reasonable code of conduct.

Please keep your comment short and relevant. All comments are moderated, and will be reviewed by staff. We reserve the right to reject a comment that we feel violates our guidelines or is otherwise deemed inappropriate. The decision to post your comment on our website is at our sole discretion.

Personal identifiable information of any sort (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) is not permitted. Posts should be signed with the first name only.

Public comments are the view of the person posting the comment, and should not be considered as being endorsed by Lifekind.


If you notice an error in one of our blog posts, please bring it to our attention in the “comments” section following the post, and we will make any needed correction.


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