FTC Issues Warning About Deceptive Certifications

In this day and age, there’s so much information available that it can almost be detrimental when trying to make an informed decision. This is especially evident in the mattress world womens new balance 574
. The marketplace has become a “Wild West” full of claims, some of which the FTC has found alarming.

In an effort to offer consumers more transparency (and less greenwashing), the FTC has warned 32 businesses and five certifiers that certain claims, logos, and certifications lack information and miss the mark in complying with the FTC’s environmental marketing requirements.



Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, explains: “… if seals’ claims are broader than the products’ benefits, they can deceive people new balance cheap online
. We are holding companies accountable for their green claims.” The blog post,
Performing Seals, produced by the FTC, communicates to marketers what a legitimate claim is and what it is not.

If this has left you feeling a bit defeated, you’re not alone. But there’s hope! The FTC publishes its Green Guides to help consumers navigate through the confusion of endless claims and greenwashing.


For a comprehensive guide to legitimate third-party certifications organic-mattress standards, check out Lifekind’s Purity Promise guarantee.

Be well and sleep safe!



Not sure exactly how much sleep you really need?

Not sure exactly how much sleep you really need? Feel tired even after “sleeping in”? Think a night of extra sleep cancels out the all-nighter you had last weekend? If you are like most people cheap kids jordans with free shipping
, the answer is yes to all three of these questions.

Watch this video from AsapSCIENCE to get legit answers to these questions and more.

Still having issues after learning what is best for you? Check in here with the always lovely Kris Carr for “10 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep.”

Now, get to bed and don’t forget to sleep organic – sweet dreams!

Love Black Friday bargains, but hate crowds? Cyber Monday is for you!

I admit it, I’ve been one of the crazy people lined up outside a store at 4 am in the freezing cold, battling substantial crowds on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. What would possess me to do such a thing on the day after Thanksgiving? The answer is always the same: the bargains! I’ve gotten huge discounts and been able to stockpile gifts for Christmas jordan kicks
, and even my daughter’s November birthday (on the years it comes after Thanksgiving). I usually save so much money it makes the crazy crowds and long waits worth it (even if I always ending up catching a bug from all the people). Last year, though, I hit on something even better than Black Friday: Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) is typically the day when online retailers post huge discounts equal to deals you may find in stores on Black Friday.

Rather than mapping out stores, waiting for printed ads, and braving the blistering cold, I now do everything from my computer. I bookmark pages, create logins for faster purchases, fill and save virtual shopping carts, and print pages for my master list.

Sometimes a great deal is hard to resist low price retro jordans
. For items that end up in your cart without a recipient, remember: ‘Tis the season for those in need, as well. You can always donate purchases to a local charity. Saving money and doing good deeds? Sign me up!

One note is that Cyber Monday sales are often very short – just a set number of hours, instead of days like sales usually are. And just like Black Friday sales, once a deal is gone, there are no rain checks or backorders, so it’s worthwhile to set your alarm and start shopping as early as you can new balance running shoes for women
. A lot of stores even start their sales at midnight, so it doesn’t hurt to check before you go to bed on Sunday.

Another strategy I use is to search online for special promo codes to get even bigger discounts such as free shipping or specific discounts off featured items. Also, when items are no longer needed by me or my family, I take them to a local consignment store, sell them online, or have a yard sale. This adds to our holiday-shopping budget and passes along big savings to a fellow bargain shopper, both good things at this time of year.

We usually have a Cyber Monday sale here at Lifekind, and even though our marketing team keeps the actual discounts under wraps until the actual sale starts (they don’t even tell us Product Specialists!), the discounts are usually awesome. This year our SALE IS STARTING EARLY! Shop now to receive 20 percent off your order and free shipping on orders over $99. Save some green on your organic mattress and bedding!

Happy shopping!

5 Must-Have Organic Items for Baby

As both a mother of two perfect little angels and a Product Specialist, I have the unique opportunity of thinking about babies of all ages, everyday. Life with a newborn can be overwhelming, and every parent wants only the best for their new arrival. With that in mind, here is a simple guide to the basics of the best investments you will ever use over and over again.


1. Organic Crib Mattress – Natural Rubber: Both our natural rubber and innerspring crib mattresses are the purest thing to put your little love on for a nap, or hopefully a full night of rest, but I have some reasons near and dear to heart for recommending the natural rubber first. The properties of natural rubber make it mold-, mildew-, and dust-mite-resistant without the extra layer of a barrier cover retro jordans for sale
. Some other benefits are the even feel, minimal body impressions over time (or through multiple children), and, when baby becomes a toddler jumping, bumping, thumping, and trying to escape, there are no innersprings to damage. If you consider how many children will begin life on that same mattress, the investment pays for itself as a future toddler bed or a crib for siblings yet to come.

Lifekind Natural Rubber Organic Baby Mattress

2. Essential Bedding: Everyone who has experience with babies knows they are messy! So this “must have” is a two-parter, because both are equally essential through toddlerhood and beyond the potty-training years. First up is the non-negotiable Naturally Safer Pure Wool Moisture Protector Pad. This is a liquid-resistance barrier layer to keep any mess off your beautiful organic mattress. This low-maintenance layer requires only a warm-water rinse as needed (which can easily be done in a bathtub) and fresh air to dry. The next essential is the Certified Organic Flannel Mattress Pad to layer on top of the Wool Moisture Protector real cheap shoes
. This organic cotton flannel layer is a soft, absorbent layer to catch the bulk of the mess and prevent shifting liquids from wiggling, like your little one, on top of the wool pad. This more practical of the two layers is machine washable and dryable, so it can be cleaned during play time and be ready when baby is ready for nap or bedtime.

Organic Mattress Layers

3. Organic Cotton Travel Changing Pad: Not just for frequent changing; this genius pad will be used a million times over to create a soft, organic surface anywhere. This can be for tummy time on the floor, or in grocery carts when baby is old enough to sit unassisted cheap ladies air max
. These durable changing pads wash up beautifully and are available in tan or sage colorgrown organic cotton.


4. Stain & Odor Eliminator: Babies, and kids of all ages, are natural born stain and odor experts. Diapers, spit-up, food, mud, finger paints — children don’t discriminate, and make endless messes effortlessly with an arsenal of everyday items. This is why every new parent I know gets a bottle of this miracle cleaner! The natural enzymes can tackle just about every surface in every room of the house, including carpet, upholstery, and laundry, with the added bonus of taking care of pet messes also. There aren’t enough good things to say about it, and I have never spoken with a disappointed user new balance toddler shoes sale
. Most of the time people are eager to tell me about the challenges it has conquered.


5. Certified Organic Cotton Stuffed Bunny: This adorable bunny is sturdy enough to be chewed on through the newborn times, and large enough to be a play companion in the the toddler years and beyond. Another huge benefit to the size of this sweet bunny is that even a new parent can easily spot clean this guy using some Stain & Odor Eliminator on a damp washcloth and giving him a brisk rub down. The perfect organic gift for those parents who want a surprise instead of an ultrasound for either a boy or a girl.


I hope this helps narrow the choices and support the new little one in your life for sleeping, playing, and living safely for many years ahead!

My Top 6 Favorite Naturally Safer Personal-Care Products

After working at Lifekind for over 2 years now, I feel like it’s time to give our readers a list of my top 6 favorite Naturally Safer personal-care products. In no particular order here they are:


Naturally Safer Rejuvenating Shampoo– This amazing shampoo helps relieve dandruff, psoriasis, and scalp irritation from chemical processing thanks to the special “herbal complex” listed high on the ingredient list. This herbal complex contains rosemary, ginseng, arnica montana, and hypernicum (aka St. John’s wort), all of which are proven effective soothers in the plant world. The nourishing botanicals also include coconut oil, panthenol (vitamin B5), and tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), which help to moisturize and leave hair shiny air max cheap sale
. The MSM (a naturally occurring sulfur) nourishes both hair and scalp in a gentle formula that won’t strip natural oils, but still really cleans.


Naturally Safer Rejuvenating Conditioner– My 11-year-old daughter’s smiling face and tangle-free hair are the greatest testimonials I have for this conditioner. She is blessed with very long, thick hair that equates to a three-and-a-half-half hour endeavor to pick through after a lice scare at school (oh, a mother’s love…). We discovered that using this conditioner after the MSM Revitalizing Shampoo in the shower, then rubbing a pea-size amount through the ends of her hair left her hair smelling fresh, and no more tangles, naturally. Life is beautiful when a mother and daughter smile together!


Naturally Safer Crystallite Deodorant There is no subtle way to sing the praises of this deodorant – it really works! I tend to be a rather, ahem, odoriferous lady, and this is the only natural product that can keep up with me. Within a week of switching, even my husband noticed. Customers often ask if the active ingredient, potassium alum, is unsafe or contains aluminum; the good news is, according to Dr. Mercola, “Potassium Alum or Ammonium Alum are natural mineral salts made up of molecules that are too large to be absorbed by your skin cheap online jordans free shipping
. They form a protective layer on your skin that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.”


Organic Buckwheat Hull Heat Lumbar Wrap– Use it cold for sprains, or warm to ease muscle pain; ease fever discomfort on your head, or sooth your spine while on your back in bed. You can tie it around your waist, or tuck under the shoulders to treat the neck and stay in place. I truly love this lumbar wrap; it gives relief anytime, in any space!


Naturally Safer Organic Body Polish– Did you make a New Year’s resolution to work out and get in shape? This can help you stay on track. Last year when I took up running, and felt pained even thinking about moving, I discovered this fantastic treat after a workout air max trainers cheap
. The crystalline salt helps to smooth skin and the natural oils mean no need for moisturizer once you are out of the shower, so feel free to indulge without adding extra time in your routine. Adding organic lavender and geranium essential oils means you will feel calm and rejuvenated — perfect after a long day or a slow morning. The organic sunflower and safflower oils are easily absorbed and formulated to blend with water so the greasy shower effect is greatly reduced. Still, use caution though, as you will be extra slick!


Naturally Safer Moisturizing Lotion with MSM– A common question we hear is: What is MSM? MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is a naturally occurring (deodorized) sulfur that supports the joints and connective tissue, reduces hyperpigmentation, and has anti-inflammatory properties. As if that wasn’t enough to convince you, this lotion also helps treat itching, minor burns, sunburns, bug bites and rashes. The optional lavender scent comes from the addition of organic essential oil and gives some extra “oomph” in relieving these everyday ailments, along with a calming fragrance.


The “honorable mention” of this blog is the Naturally Safer Personal-Care Travel Kit. A great way to travel with your favorites, or try a little bit of everything until you love it all as much as I do.

7 Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

If bedtime has become a battle, read on for some helpful tips to help you get to sleep.

1. Take a bath: Few things are more relaxing than getting comfortable in your own skin, and soaking in a tub is a great way to force yourself to slow down. Adding soothing ingredients like lavender and oatmeal literally rinses away the day while releasing muscle tension and softening skin.

2. Follow a soothing routine: Planning ahead can help when developing a routine for better sleep. Try dimming the lights, changing out of your daytime clothes, and slowing things down in general. By creating a consistent routine new balance 996
, your body will become more responsive to the cues that lead up to bedtime and trigger relaxation.

3. Sip some herbal tea: Although “herbal” tea is not a true tea, these caffeine-free concoctions are warming and soothing, and help to calm your nerves before bedtime. Another benefit is that most are safe for children (always read the instructions and refer to a medical professional if you have questions regarding safety for your child). Some of the more popular teas are California poppy, valerian, kava kava, and chamomile; there are also many organic blends available at most grocery stores cheap official jordans


4. Eat to sleep: Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar, or large amounts of protein before bed. Avoid these for at least 4 hours before bedtime to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night, keeping insomnia at bay. If that’s not enough, try adding extra (healthy) carbs, calcium, magnesium and tryptophan in the evening for natural sedative effects to promote relaxation both mentally and physically. Check this list for healthy sources of these natural sleep boosters.

5. Slip on a sleep mask: An eye mask filled with organic wool, cotton, buckwheat or herbs can help to block disturbing light and relax tense facial muscles after a long day. For sore, red, or burning eyes jordan retro cheap
, most masks can be chilled in the freezer or (my favorite) slightly warmed to relieve sinus congestion or seasonal allergies.

6. L-Theanine: This awesome amino acid appears to elevate alpha-brain wave activity in the brain (say that five times fast), which is a sign of deep relaxation. By easing physical and emotional stress l-theanine helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night, and can also ease anxieties during the day. Since this soothing ingredient, typically found in green tea, is an amino acid, it is considered safe for most people and doesn’t have any significant side effects. It is available in chewable tablets that have a great fruity flavor and work extremely well for children.

7. Slow your mind and body with some relaxing yoga: Think calming with deep breaths – not sweaty, hot, “pretzel” yoga. Yoga increases blood flow to your muscles and brain, and deep breathing sends the “relax” message to your central nervous system retro kicks
. The act of simply being still with eyes closed is often enough to slow your body and mind before bedtime. If you are a beginner or tend to gravitate toward intense yoga, this blog by OMI walks you through basic poses to prep for sleeping safely. Enjoy, and sweet dreams!


Why Wool is Wonderful!

Here are eight fun facts about one of Lifekind’s favorite organic, ozone-sanitized fibers.

1.  Wool is the fiber of choice in desert environments to sustain natural climate control through the centuries.  The shape of the wool fibers creates air pockets to hold body heat for warmth in cool weather, and when it’s warm, the moisture-wicking properties trigger the body’s cooling system, like sweating to cool off on a hot day.


2.  The springy shape of the wool fiber helps to move moisture away (instead of absorbing it), creating natural mold and mildew resistance.

3.  According to the American Sheep Industry, “…one wool fiber can be bent back more than 20,000 times without breaking and is said to be comparatively stronger than steel new balance classic shoes
.” Wow, maybe Superman should rethink his suit!
4.  Wool fibers are able to absorb a wide range of frequencies, and dense layers can be packed into small spaces to effectively absorb sound, making it perfect for soundproofing.

5.  Thanks to testing done by University of Bochum in Germany nike air max trainers cheap
, it is confirmed that Merino wool has a UV protective factor (UVP) of 30+.   Upwards of 70% of samples had a UVP of 50+ (http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/mens-health/health/galleries/photo/-/14496251/the-wonders-of-wool-in-all-seasons/14496263/).


6.  Most wool allergies are actually reactions to lanolin, toxic chemicals used in processing/carding, or dermal (contact with skin) sensitivities.

7.  Wool is a natural fire retardant. The keratin proteins and high sulfur content of the outer cuticle layers in wool fibers cause more of char, or foaming, rather than bursting into flames.  Think about the last time a stray hair or corner of your nail burned new balance womens running shoes
.  It smells awful, sizzles, melts and singes, but will not burst into flames – thank you keratin!  Still not convinced?  Watch this burn test to see our organic wool in action!

8.  Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water (moisture) without feeling wet air jordan retro 3
.  Once again, the shape of this fiber is to credit for such amazing practicality.  The coil shape allows moisture to stay on each individual fiber while moving away from the source , which translates into absorption without the damp, clammy feel other natural fibers have.  That being said, anyone who has ever washed a wool sweater knows it also gets 30% heavier when wet.
Did I forget your favorite reason why wool is wonderful?  Comment below with your favorite fun facts.

Running out of Garbage

The unfortunate problems that plague our world today are obvious to most: out-of-control landfills harming the Earth, fuel prices constantly rising, and having to pay for the privilege of recycling, to name just a few. Implementing a viable solution for even one of these issues would be impressive nike air max penny
, but Sweden is putting the rest of the world to shame by solving all of them so well that now they’re actually running out of garbage!


Find out how they’re brilliantly addressing these problems here:


Our Top 10 Picks for Valentines Day


Valentine’s day, the day of love, is coming up on us real quick.  Instead of giving chocolates and flowers this year, why don’t you give your sweetie something that seems to hug her (or him) back?


Find the perfect gift with our top-10 best Valentine’s Day gifts from Lifekind:

1.  All-Season Wool Comforter February is a great month for snuggling, and what better way to do it than under our organic cotton and wool All-Season Comforter?

2. Body Pillow:  The best substitute if you can’t be there to spoon.  This generously sized body pillow gives her something to hug when you are away.

3. The Wooly: There’s nothing better than sinking into a fluffy bed at the end of the day, and our 3″ Wooly can make that happen. It’s handmade in our certified-organic factory, and is so comfy, you’ll just want to spend the day in bed cuddling.

4. Back Wrap with cover:  Heat this organic buckwheat-filled back wrap in the microwave, and put it around your shoulders to soothe away aches and pains.  Feels great after a day on the slopes, and it’s a great warm-up for the shoulder rub you’ll be giving her later.  She deserves it.

5. Shredded Rubber Pillow:  Hands down, our best-selling pillow.  The soft, responsive feel of the natural rubber, wrapped in organic wool, is the perfect place to rest your head….. It’s even customizable, so she can make it exactly to her liking.  Heck, get yourself one as well, so when she steals your pillow, at least she’ll be stealing a great pillow.

6. Silk and Fleece Throw Blanket: This is love in a blanket.  The wonderfully soft fleece feels amazing, and it’s trimmed with cruelty-free Peace Silk. This beautiful creamy blanket looks great with any decor, and feels even better with a bowl of popcorn on your lap and your arm around her shoulders for movie night.  (Pro Tip: Make it a romantic comedy.  You’ll thank me later.)

7. Organic Cotton Stuffed Bunny: If your Valentine is of the under-10 set, this heirloom-quality bunny is the perfect gift.  It’s sewn by hand, and is reminiscent of years past.  It’ll soon become the bedtime favorite, and your mini-Valentine is sure to love it.


8. Shower Dechorinator with Hand-Held Massage Kit: At the end of a long day, nothing feels better than a hot shower and some muscle relief.  This dechlorinator and hand-held showerhead massage could be just what the doctor ordered.

9. Spa Gift Bag: Everything your lady needs to feel pampered.  From bath soak to body polish, help your sweetheart feel great…so great, in fact, you won’t be able to keep your hands off her!

10. Body Care Gift Bag: Hey, you deserve something nice too–this gift bag is an assortment of our unscented body products.  You don’t have to share, but if you do, these products are great for both men and women buy cheap authentic jordans
.  Treat yourself and give her a reason to run her hands all over you. It’s a win-win in our book!