8 Misleading Claims about Organic Mattresses – Is Your Mattress Certified Organic?


Misleading Claim #1: Merchants using organic logos, or statements that use the word “organic,” to describe their mattresses as “organic” or partially “organic.”
Incorrect Because: Under USDA National Organic Program regulations (USDA/NOP), there are no such categories. There is only “certified organic.”

Misleading Claim #2: Merchants claiming that since they use the same organic materials that are used in certified organic mattresses, why pay more?
Incorrect Because: Without submitting to an independent third-party audit, a consumer has no assurance that whatever organic component is claimed to be used was actually used in making a mattress.

Misleading Claim #3: Merchants claiming that since the materials they use are the same as those used by true organic manufacturers, what’s the difference?
Incorrect Because: Fast food and fine dining can include the same ingredients, but the outcomes are quite different—it’s about quality and purity, not just materials.

Misleading Claim #4: Merchants using someone else’s certification to infer it is their own, but somehow doesn’t have their name on it for a string of reasons.
Incorrect Because: USDA certification certificates are not transferable.

Misleading Claim #5: Merchants claiming their mattresses are “chemical free.”
Incorrect Because: This is scientifically impossible.

Misleading Claim #6: Merchants claiming their mattresses are “nontoxic.”
Incorrect Because: This is also scientifically impossible.

Misleading Claim #7: Merchants claiming their mattresses are “free of volatile organic compounds (VOCS)” or have no harmful outgassing.
Incorrect Because: This is also scientifically impossible, and without an independentUL/GREENGUARD™ or similar test for finished-product emissions, no one can possibly know exact outgassing levels.

Misleading Claim #8: Merchants claiming that their components have been tested for the presence of a long list of chemicals and that none were found.
Incorrect Because: What this means is that the mattress components may have been tested at one point, early in the process, by what is known as a “presence” test. True, these chemicals may not have been present at that time, but it gives absolutely no information as to what is actually emitting from the finished mattress. That is a consumer assurance UL/GREENGUARD™ testing provides.

Find out if a mattress is in fact listed on the certifier’s website.

Note: The name of the manufacturer or retailer must be entered precisely, such as “Organic Mattresses, Inc.”





Are you eating organic foods and sleeping on a chemical mattress?

Are you eating organic foods and sleeping on a chemical mattress?

Americans are aware of the benefits of choosing organic when they’re in the grocery store, but so many people I meet haven’t even thought about their bedrooms.

We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, so it’s important to make sure your sleep environment is as free from chemicals as possible.


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Support The Occupying Protesters

Why are Americans clogging intersections in large and small cities from New York to Portland? In my opinion, it really isn’t too complicated. The protesters are desperately trying to show the nation that they believe the American people are no longer being fairly represented within the economic structure of this country.

In the past few weeks, we have all seen network footage that seems intent on ridiculing and marginalizing these people, and we listened to a variety of elected and nonelected voices question the purposes and importance of the protesters. But I believe that the focus of these communicators should be on the fact that these people have been left with few choices, and they are tired of being victims.

Which begs the question, victims of whom?

If you ask them, they will point to the banks and other financial institutions, Congress, past and present Presidents, the Federal Reserve, and large corporations, but I think the answer is far broader.

While most of us are not protesting, I think we are all victims.

We live in a society that has been borne of a culture in which greed has been permitted, and often encouraged, with little concern for overall social accountability – the consequences of one’s behavior. This was not the intent of our founders.

John Locke (1632-1704) greatly influenced our Constitution, as well as much of our Western political philosophy. Dr. Locke was fascinated with how the rules of human nature influence the rules of moral behavior and how they interacted.

Locke was an important thinker on individual liberty and personal rights, and was respected by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Dr. Locke balanced the individual’s actions against the consequences of those actions using a moral compass that he called THE NATURAL LAW: “No one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions.” To paraphrase, don’t pursue a goal whereby you make a victim of someone else.

Locke made the point that for an economic system to work it must protect individual rights, but it cannot work if that system exercises those rights without respect for the rights of others.

I believe that our system is failing because the majority of our institutions have no regard for, or feel any social responsibility for, the country as a whole. America’s corporations have lost their moral compass, and if you suggest this they cry socialism. Corporations – and those who run them – simply have all the money and power to influence anything they want, and the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision put the icing on the cake. Our representatives have permitted it, and our Supreme Court has enshrined it.

In her book Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand said that there is nothing wrong with greed, and I agree. Greed is the energy that motivates us to get out of bed in the morning. But where is the counter balance to greed? What is it that prevents those seeking their own agendas from trespassing on the rights of other individuals, to make them victims for their own benefit?

In her book, Rand described a Western society in which government over-restricted the rights of entrepreneurs, and  the entrepreneurs  walked away to prove that without them the engines of production would stop. I wonder what she would say today if she were to see a nation in which the entrepreneurial class has become the bureaucrats – albeit indirectly through influence and election. What would Rand think if she were to see a nation in which one entrepreneurial class had the ability to pass, or greatly influence, whatever legislation facilitated their corporate goals simply by throwing more lobbyists and money at the issue, with no social considerations applied to their desires?

Where in our current culture are the social goals that ensure that pursuing greed does not mean making victims out of Americans?

Who is protecting us? Who insures that there is balance?

Price Increase

Dear Lifekind,

I just got an email from your company saying your prices are going up again. The prices are already so far out of most people’s range of affordability that it’s truly disappointing. Each year I keep hoping to be able to replace the king size bed I purchased from you 12 years ago….now I wonder if I’ll never be able to buy one of your beds again.

Thank you for taking the time to write. Believe me, no one could feel worse than I do about where the prices of our products are.

My entire life has been devoted to providing safer, less-chemical alternatives to today’s all-chemical consumer products.

As a small company, we do not have the ability to hedge costs through futures trading or commodity purchases. Neither do we have any influence over the demand from countries like China and India that are consuming the organic materials we use to make our products.

It bothers me tremendously that customers such as yourself are priced out of the market. Ultimately our company suffers as well, since we have no other materials that we can (or would want to) substitute to get prices down. The email you received was only intended to alert anyone who is contemplating a purchase that unbelievably prices are going up again.

I apologize for not being able to figure out how to reduce prices without compromising our integrity, but I am working on it. The web is full of companies who claim to be “chemical free,” non-outgassing, certified organic, etc. None of it is true, but there are no enforcement agencies that address these bogus claims.

So here we sit in the unenviable position of having an honest product whose prices are turning customers away at the same time the competition is claiming to be us.

Thank you for purchasing a mattress from us in the past.

Very truly yours,

Walt Bader