New Bill Helps Mattress Buyers

Wondering about the economic viability of purchasing an organic mattress? The federal government may be able to help.

H.R. 3382, The Home Improvements Revitalize the Economy Act of 2009 — or HIRE for short — was introduced on July 29 by Rep. Henry Johnson (D-Ga.). If passed into law, it will allow a tax credit of up to $500 and deductions of up to $2K through the year 2011 for the purchase of residential building products and furnishings (up to $4K for products that meet approved environmental standards). Yay, Rep. Johnson!   🙂

The bill, which reportedly is enjoying bipartisan support, is making its way through the House Ways and Means Committee. To track its progress or for more information, go to

3 thoughts on “New Bill Helps Mattress Buyers

  1. It is wonderful that this bill may get passed but I feel great knowing that my families mattresses are safe and environmentally friendly. The tax credit is just a cherry on top!

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