Made in the USA

Local is the new global. When you think about it, the more energy that goes into something, the more it grows. It is inevitable that the more $$$ we spend in the US, the more it benefits our economy, and Americans in turn. Every American has heard this, and it’s time we put our money where our mouth is…and make change.

Lifekind has long adhered to these principles, and produces useful, healthy products made in the USA. Our Eco-Factory™ is located in Northern California, and produces many of the items we provide while paying workers a fair wage. Most of the other items in our catalog and web-store are also made in America!

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With Lifekind you get:

  • Better-quality products, made with your health in mind!!
  • Amazing value on truly organic mattresses!!
  • Peace of mind, knowing you’re supporting our economy!!
  • Friendly, personal customer service with real people who care!!


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It’s a blog by Amelia Urry at Grist featuring an Annie Leonard video.

The Shasta: Our New Arrival


The reviews are in, and it’s official: Customers love our new Shasta mattress!

We created the Shasta so we could offer customers a more affordable twin-size all-natural-rubber mattress made from the same certified materials we use in all our mattresses. It’s designed specifically for young children transitioning to their first adult-size mattress, and you’ll see it in our catalog offered in twin and twin extra-long sizes only.

The Shasta is filled with shredded 100%-natural rubber, utilizing remnants shaved from larger mattress cores and shredded into small pieces, helping us achieve our goal of making our Eco-Factory a waste-free facility. The shredded-rubber core is surrounded by our Naturally Safer wool, then hand-tufted with U.S.-grown certified organic cotton.


The Shasta has a feel that’s unlike anything we’ve ever made – soft yet supportive, springy and buoyant, comforting, classic, and timeless.

You’ll love it, too!   🙂