What is the Best Mattress For MCS

Many Lifekind customers are familiar with the term “MCS” because it stands for the often misunderstood ailment multiple chemical sensitivity. People with MCS are usually sensitive to synthetic and/or scented products like hair spray, perfume, cleaning products, soaps and, of course, chemical mattresses.

Lifekind Organic Mattress

The effects of chemicals and pesticides on our health can be staggering, with some cases more extreme than others. I know this first hand, and am happy to say that it’s a good thing we live in a time when we have a choice and we’re changing the norm by purchasing non-chemical, organic products!

I first became aware of MCS after I’d been sleeping on a chemical mattress for a number of years, and throughout that time was experiencing numerous “mystery” health challenges. Honestly, I now attribute those health issues to long-term exposure to the chemicals in the mattress, since my health improved after I started sleeping on an organic mattress.


When I speak to customers who are experiencing MCS symptoms, I’ll often suggest they try testing our organically certified mattress materials  before purchasing a mattress. The material samples are included with an allergy test sheet that provides specific instructions for sensitivity testing. One of Lifekind’s most popular mattress for sleepers with MCS is the Traditional Innerspring Mattress, which is made of certified organic cotton and certified organic wool.

AllergyTest Sheet

If you sense you may have MCS, a good resource is the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, TX, where Dr Ray and his staff have been helping people with multiple chemical sensitivities  since 1975. They have experience in diagnosing and treating more than 40,000 environmentally sensitive patients with their innovative techniques.

Even though MCS presents many health challenges and it’s not yet fully understood, I’m happy to be a part of the new thought revolution–one organic mattress, pillow or blanket at a time!

3 thoughts on “What is the Best Mattress For MCS

  1. I have MCS, but I have not found a single doctor who knows of what Glenna Chance calls “reliable and reproducible medical tests.” Believe me, I would love to know what these are! Glenna, please respond so that I can get these tests done for the sake of my Social Security disability case. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We truly appreciate your diligence in clarifying the issues around MCS perception. I’ve changed the terminology in this blog post. Thanks again!

  3. Hi – please eliminate the statement that MCS is controversial. It is not. The medical benchmark for disease definition is reliable and reproducible medical tests. We have those in MCS. Perpetuating the misinformation that MCS is controversial and, thus, not valid, is injurious to those with MCS, whose lives are difficult enough without being invalidated by society and the medical profession, who latch onto the “controversial” label at every opportunity. If MCS were controversial, it would not be recognized by and covered under SSA and ADA law. Thank you.

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