Winter Solstice’s Gift

Earth’s annual cycles hold a myriad of hidden meanings just waiting for us to crack open and unfold, making life on this planet even more meaningful and interesting! Viewing through a farmer’s lens, we see the unmistakable effect the seasons have on our very existence. Thank you, farmers, for really knowing the seasons and keeping us alive!

FullSizeRenderphoto credit: Marley McCann

But, for most of us, keeping up with the seasons is about adapting our wardrobe and outdoor activities, and if we’re in tune with the local farmers, eating food that’s in season. All seasons bring us abundant gifts, we have only to open them.

As the Earth tilts us furthest from the sun, Winter Solstice brings us the darkest day all year. It’s an end, an axis point flinging us into another year. Bring it on! We can adopt all phases of life within one year, even winter’s ominous endings, because we know spring is just around the corner to bring forth new beginnings… Again.

FullSizeRender.jpgphoto credit: Marley McCann

Tapping into that darkness. Observing the stillness, the quiet. Embracing the inner hermit. Early to bed.

We will get through this… All of this! Because life would be too easy and imbalanced without challenges. Winter allows us time to reflect without action, plan what’s next, and rest before spring’s awakening.

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