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Helpful Hints for Years of Comfort

When you receive your new mattress, it may have a “new bed” aroma.

Rest assured this is not of chemical origin. Because your mattress has been tightly sealed during shipping, the aroma may seem stronger when it first comes out of the box. Any aroma will dissipate after a short period of time. Placing the bed within an environment that has cross ventilation can speed up the airing process.

A few hints about turning your mattress.

The materials used in your mattress are designed to conform to your individual body contours. This is not a structural defect. To equalize body impressions (which naturally form on the mattress surface over time), occasionally turn your mattress end-to-end and upside down.

Do not use mattress handles to carry your mattress.
The handles are intended to assist you in turning and positioning your mattress. Carry your mattress on its side — it’s easier to handle and less likely to damage the mattress. Natural rubber mattresses are much easier to handle if you carry them to their ultimate location still inside their shipping box. Innerspring mattresses should not be severely folded, as this can damage spring connections.

A metal or wood bed frame should be used with your mattress and foundation.
Bed frames allow air to flow freely beneath your mattress, discouraging mold and mildew from forming. Queen- and king-size bed frames should have a center support.

Using a mattress pad prevents your mattress cover from soiling.
Ideally the pad you use should be made of certified organic cotton and be washable in warm/hot water.

Mattresses should stay dry.
Protect your mattress from water and damp conditions, such as long-term storage in a damp room without adequate heat. Any mattress will mold and mildew under the right conditions. If bed wetting is an issue, we suggest using our wool moisture pad in combination with our two-layer certified organic cotton flannel mattress pad.

As disappointing as this may be to children around the world, mattresses are really not designed to stand or jump on.
Activities of this type create intense weight concentrations on spring ties and seams, and any ensuing damage caused by these activities is not covered by your warranty.

Also, springs cannot survive being severely bent or compressed. If necessary, slightly bend your springs lengthwise to accommodate doors and hallways.