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Certified Organic Pillow Top Care | Lifekind

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Certified Organic Natural-Rubber Latex Pillow Tops

The Sculpted Pillow Top creates specific comfort zones for each of the five major body areas (head, feet, shoulders, legs, and hips). This allows the surface of the mattress to superbly contour to your body, keeping your spine straight and significantly reducing the potential for pressure-point discomfort. At the same time, our exclusive air-channel design helps to maintain a constant sleeping temperature by improving the air circulation beneath each sleeper. The cover is constructed with the same material as our organic mattresses. Layers of certified organic wool are quilted between two layers of certified organic cotton fabric – beautiful and very durable. 

The Lullaby provides the feel of lightweight natural rubber cushioning without the full height of the Sculpted Pillow Top. It features a 1.5” flat layer of GOLS-certified natural rubber latex encased in our certified organic cotton soft-weave fabric. 

The Cloud is our 2.5” flat-surface GOLS-certified natural rubber pillow top. It contours to the body, reducing pressure-point discomfort and adding a moderate, supportive softness to any mattress. The cover is constructed with the same material as our organic mattresses: layers of certified organic wool quilted between two layers of certified organic cotton fabric.

Certified Organic Wool Pillow Tops

The Wooly is designed for sleepers who enjoy a pillowy softness. It is covered in GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen fabric, then hand tufted for maximum loft. This type of pillow top does take impressions, as it conforms to your body. It should be fluffed and turned, much like a wool pillow.

The Wool Topper is a pillow top for those who need just a little softness, but don’t want the full depth of the Wooly. Filled with certified organic wool, the individual layers are hand tufted and tied between two layers of our GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric.

Care and Cleaning Tips

  • To protect the surface from soiling and stains, we recommend covering all our pillow tops with our certified organic flannel mattress pad.
  • Pillow tops are not to be washed or dry cleaned. Use a nontoxic spot cleaner if necessary.
  • Odors can be eliminated by sprinkling baking soda over the surface and vacuuming it up.
  • Regular sunning and airing is the best way to care for our Wooly and Wool Topper.
  • Rotate direction so that wear is evenly distributed.