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How to choose the correct firmness for your Certified Organic Trio Mattress

Different Combinations

Lifekind can customize the Trio to fit your body. You can choose different combinations of medium-soft, medium-firm, or firm natural latex layers. There is also the choice of either a sculpted or a flat top layer. Selecting the right layers for you will make all the difference in your quality of sleep.

Sculpted Top Layer for Lifekind Organic Mattress

Standard Configuration

The most popular configuration is the Standard, available for purchase online, which is a combination of medium-soft sculpted top layer, medium-firm flat middle layer, and firm flat bottom layer. The sculpted top layer is a multi-level, five-zoned surface that maximizes comfort, reduces pressure-point discomfort, and improves air circulation beneath each sleeper.

Lifekind Organic Latex Layered Mattress

Other time-tested recommended configurations include:

If you prefer a soft mattress:

Top Layer: MEDIUM-SOFT • Middle Layer: MEDIUM-SOFT • Base Layer: MEDIUM-FIRM

If you prefer a medium-firm mattress:

Top Layer: MEDIUM-SOFT • Middle Layer: FIRM • Base Layer: FIRM

If you prefer a firm mattress:

Top Layer: MEDIUM-FIRM • Middle Layer: FIRM • Base Layer: FIRM

Please Note: We do not recommend using a medium-soft layer as the bottom or foundational layer.

For further assistance, give us a call at 1-800-284-4983 so one of our friendly Product Specialists can recommend just the right firmness for you.