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Custom Air Purifiers

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Purifies a 2,000-sq.-ft. area, with a complete air exchange every 30 minutes

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Custom Air Purifiers - LK6000 VR Air Purifier
Custom Air Purifiers - LK6000 UV Air Purifier
Prefilters for LK6000 VR or UV, set of 2
HEPA Filter for LK6000 VR or UV
Carbon Media Filter for LK6000 VR or UV
Replacement UV Lamp for LK6000 UV
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Every home has a unique air-filtration environment.

Some homes are challenged by high levels of formaldehyde from routine building materials or home furnishings. In others, smoke, cooking odors, molds, pollens, bacteria, allergens from dust mites, or chemical sources can significantly compromise indoor air quality.

With Lifekind® air-purification equipment, both the quantity and blend of charcoal (up to 30 lbs.) can be adjusted to fit your specific needs for less than competing brands charge for their off-the-shelf generic models.

The LK6000 VR is designed for a normal mix of indoor contaminants, while the LK6000 UV (with ultraviolet light lamp inside filter chamber) is recommended for areas that may have higher-than-normal bacteria counts (medical offices, day-care facilities, etc.). Both units will purify a 2,000-sq.-ft. area with an average ceiling height, and provide a complete air exchange within 30 minutes. Made in Canada.  (Shipping: $59.95)


  • Variable speed controls with LNA (Low Noise Achievement). Rated 32 decibels on lowest setting and 62 deciels on highest setting

  • High-volume air flow rated at 560 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and effective for up to 2,000 square feet (more than any other residential unit)

  • True HEPA filter with 10-pleat design provides over 28,000 square inches of surface area and removes 99.97% of airborne particles

  • Electrical Usage: 120 watts on high setting, 40 on low

  • ETL certified: Conforms to CAS C22.2 No. 113 and ANSI/UL 507

  • Clean air flow: New design draws cleaned air into your room without air passing directly over motors or fans, where it can pick up contaminants

  • Perforated body design pulls air in faster; steel case does not outgas. Perforations also allow you to easily vacuum prefilters without removing outer casing

  • HEPA and charcoal filters can be replaced separately as needed, rather than having to replace both as in "all-in-one" filters

  • Pressure-sealed filter chamber: Felt gaskets prevent outgassing and stop unfiltered air from re-entering the room

Filter Replacement Schedule

Prefilters: Vacuum as needed, replace every 12-24 months, set of two.
HEPA Filter: Replace every 3-5 years
Carbon Media Filter: Replace every 2-3 years
UV Lamp: Replace after approximately 10,000 hours



I want to use the LK6000 VR Air Purifier in a house with three small children (ages 3, 8, and 11) with terrible allergies. However, I have read about the risks of air purifiers and ozone. Can you assure me this machine will not release dangerous levels of ozone into the air? I do not want to help one problem and cause another problem. Your honestly is appreciated, as I would never want to do anything to harm my children. Thank you.


  • The LK6000 VR model will not produce ozone.  There are two mechanisms used in air purifers to create ozone: corona discharge and ultraviolet (UV) light.  The LK6000 VR model does not contain either of these mechanisms.  We do also offer the LK6000 UV model, which uses a UV lamp to remove bacteria and viruses from the air.  However, the wavelength of light emmited from this UV lamp does not produce ozone.  Furthermore, the UV lamp is not necessary for effective removal of dust, pollen, mold spores, etc (the things that are probably causing your childrens' allergies)... these things are removed by the HEPA filter (which is also in the VR model).  So, I would recommend the LK6000 VR model as a safe and effective choice for you and your family.

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