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Dress your Bed Organically

You just purchased a certified organic Lifekind® mattress, now what? Use our handy illustration to help you dress your organic bed. 

 organic dressed lifekind bed


Organic Pillows

The right pillow will help align your neck and spine.
Organic Comforter

Because of its superior insulating qualities, wool is comfortable all year long. Air is trapped between the wool fibers, providing lightweight warmth. It's also dust-mite resistant.

Organic Sheets

Sheets should be 1-3” deeper than the total depth of mattress (including accessories) so they don’t change the feel of the mattress.  Sheets with a tighter fit will make a mattress feel much more firm.

Organic Flannel Mattress Pad

Absorbent flannel protects the mattress surface from staining and perspiration. It’s a wise investment in the longevity of your mattress, and could end up saving you much more than you invest in it. Washable.

Organic Wool Moisture Protector Helps prevent soiling from moisture-related concerns such as heavy night sweats or incontinence.
Organic Pillow Top

Provides a comfort layer without changing the support of the mattress.

Organic Mattress Barrier Cover

Washable cover protects your family from the effects of dust-mite allergens and your organic mattress from invaders like bed bugs. Also helps prevent staining.

Organic Wool Underbed

Protects the underside of the mattress from airborne allergens and from rubbing against the wood slats or metal hardware on a platform bed.

Organic Foundation

Supports the mattress, provides proper ventilation, adds height, and enhances the comfort of the mattress.