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Although many websites claim their mattresses are chemical-free, nothing in this world truly meets that description. Unsubstantiated and outlandish marketing claims have been around forever, and are impossible to control. No public agency or other entity effectively regulates what sellers say on the web about their products or their competitors.

There is no such thing as a 100% chemical-free mattress or any other product, including organic vegetables and fruits. Anyone making such a claim should be willing to provide a certificate from a certified independent testing laboratory verifying that fact. In fact, Lifekind® will pay $10,000 to any company that can provide acceptable evidence that its mattresses are 100% chemical-free.

If any company wishes to give consumers assurance as to the levels of chemical outgassing emitted from their products, we invite them to submit samples to the GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute and provide the assurance offered by independent third-party verification.

Lifekind's mattresses were the first to be GREENGUARD® certified — a recognition granted only to products that meet GREENGUARD®'s exacting low VOC-emission standards. In fact, our mattresses even qualify for the stricter emission standards required for products that are sold for children and schools.

What is the GREENGUARD Certification Program?

It is an independent program, conducted by The GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute (GEI, recently purchased by the national lab referred to as UL). GREENGUARD® identifies specific products that have been tested (and continue to be tested) to ensure that their chemical and particle emissions meet acceptable indoor air-quality pollutant guidelines and standards.

The UL/GREENGUARD™ Certification Program is voluntary and available to all manufacturers who are willing to submit their products for verification that they meet GEI's established emission standards. Products are tested for emissions of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aldehydes, respirable particles, and other pollutants using stringent environmental chamber protocols. Exposure concentrations are then compared against specific pollutant standards for each product type using standards established by the EPA, OSHA, as well as other state and federal agencies and organizations.

Testing takes place in dynamic environmental chambers designed to simulate product use in typical indoor environments. Guidelines for measuring chemical emissions using environmental chambers were established by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). The standards, ASTM D5116-97 and D6670-01, are the foundation for all product-specific test protocols. Environmental chamber-operation and testing protocols follow scientific principles established by the EPA and its Environmental Technology Verification Program, the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), the State of Washington, Germany's Federal Environment Agency, and other applicable government or industry programs.

Interpreting GREENGUARD Certification

UL/GREENGUARD™, in conformance to standards established by the EPA, OSHA, The State of Washington, and other entities, has established pre-set standards for emissions that all products must meet in order to be certified. Since there is virtually no product or substance that is 100% chemical-free, its standards allow for minute amounts of certain compounds.

The printable certificate provided by GREENGUARD® assures consumers that our mattresses meet its criteria for low emissions. (GREENGUARD® measures for certain chemicals in every consumer product it tests. Each of those chemicals is listed on every certificate it issues, along with the allowable maximum emission level for that chemical, regardless of whether the chemical was found in that specific product.) Our certifications can be found at http://www.greenguard.org/

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