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Trouble Sleeping

If you suffer from a sleep disorder or wake up with aches and pains, your mattress could be aggravating or causing your symptoms. A Lifekind® organic mattress can help you sleep more comfortably and safely. Our mattresses are “tried and true,” and we have sold thousands.

Organic Comfort

Synthetic fibers and materials can cause interrupted sleep, since they do not “breathe” or absorb moisture. Fluctuating body temperature causes many sleepers to wake up during the night with night sweats and feelings of discomfort.

The raw materials in a Lifekind mattress offer a natural alternative that contributes to a great night’s sleep.

Wool and Cotton Quilted Cover

The quilted cover on a Lifekind mattress is constructed with a filling of certified organic wool and 100% certified organic cotton fabric. Wool has warming and cooling qualities that help regulate body temperature. It absorbs perspiration and releases it slowly through evaporation, so sleepers feel less chilled in winter and cooler in summer. (There’s a reason why Bedouin nomads wear wool clothing in the desert — it keeps them cool!)

Natural Rubber Latex

The inner core of a Lifekind natural rubber mattress — made from certified organic natural rubber latex — is resilient and breathable. Natural rubber provides 30% more pressure relief and contouring support than memory foam, which is derived from plastics. With the proper support of a natural rubber latex mattress, your body will stay in REM or deeper sleep longer, allowing it to renew. Our natural rubber latex is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, which can contribute to asthma and allergies.

When we use the phrases "natural rubber" or "natural rubber latex," we are referring to the fact that we use ONLY synthetic-free natural rubber latex in our products, never a blend of natural and synthetic. During the vulcanization process that transforms natural–rubber sap into mattress cores, additives such as soaps and foaming agents are added to the sap, which are then largely removed during processing. The finished product is 98+ percent pure natural rubber latex, with trace amounts of sulfur, peroxide, earth minerals, and other substances making up the remainder.

Sculpted Surface

Our exclusive sculpted natural-rubber surface creates specific support for each of the five major body zones: head, feet, shoulders, legs, and hips. This allows the mattress to superbly contour to your body, keeping your spine straight and reducing pressure-point discomfort. At the same time, our exclusive air channels help maintain a constant sleeping temperature by improving the air circulation beneath each sleeper. (A traditional non-sculpted "flat" surface is also used in some of our products — ask your Product Specialist for details.)

Organic Health and Safety

Creating a safe and healthful environment in which to relax, renew, and experience a great night’s sleep can be achieved by turning your bed into an “organic zone.” In your lifetime, you’ll spend more than 200,000 hours in bed. Changing to a certified organic mattress is the easiest and best way to reduce chemical exposure from a third of your life.

Flame Retardants

U.S. law requires that all mattresses meet stringent flammability standards. Most mattress companies apply boric acid or chemical flame retardants such as antimony, boron, or PBDEs to make their mattresses pass the required tests, in which an open flame is applied to the surface of the mattress. Over time, these chemicals slough off and enter the air of our bedrooms. Such chemicals are long-lived, and while you sleep, you breathe in those toxins every night. Research shows that this can have lifelong hazardous effects on health, including cancer, SIDS, hormone disruption (a frequent cause of sleep disorders), chronic irritation of the lungs and nasal passages, and skin problems and headaches. (Lifekind’s co–founder Walt Bader has written a book, Toxic Bedrooms: Your Guide to a Safe Night’s Sleep, that lists 63 chemicals that outgas from a memory-foam mattress treated with fire-retardant chemicals.)

At Lifekind, we use organically–grown Naturally Safer™ California wool and certified organic wool as our ONLY flame retardant. No toxic chemicals or synthetic materials are added to any of our products — no Kevlar thread, no chemically treated zippers, no fire-retardant blended cotton fills, and no tape edges.

Organic Cotton

In addition, our certified organic cotton is grown here in the U.S., so it is not subject to the fumigation that may be required with imported raw materials. Organic cotton farming eliminates the need for pesticides that can poison the land, air, water, and ultimately you and your family.

Eco Friendly

Durable and resilient, wool, cotton, and natural rubber latex are natural, renewable, and biodegradable resources. They provide a natural alternative to synthetic products, which come from nonrenewable, nonbiodegradable sources.

Bottom Line

The third of our lives we spend sleeping is precious time — our body’s best opportunity to relax, renew, and regenerate. Creating a sleep environment free from exposure to hazardous chemicals is crucial to our health and well–being, and a Lifekind mattress makes the perfect addition to any home healing "sanctuary."

For luxurious comfort combined with the ultimate in organic purity, the choice is clear:

Lifekind certified organic mattresses, The Standard for Certified Purity™.