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Sleep Safe in a Toxic World Book by Walter Bader, President/CEO of Lifekind

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By Lifekind® co-founder Walt Bader. Essential reading for a good night’s sleep!



Sleep Safe in a Toxic World— by


The much-anticipated update to the highly popular Toxic Bedrooms: Your Guide to a Safe Night's Sleep. Whether you’re interested in a cleaner environment or improved health for you and your family, Sleep Safe by Lifekind® co-founder Walt Bader is essential reading for a good night’s sleep. Learn why beds are one of the single most overlooked causes of chemical exposure. Get your copy today!


Praise For Sleep Safe In A Toxic World:

"Rarely do we get the opportunity to make our lives far less toxic with so little effort. With one simple action, we get to eliminate a toxic brew from ONE-THIRD of our time on this planet. That is our time sleeping or relaxing in bed. How do we make that simple change? By reading this wonderful book and making the changes that it suggests and by getting a healthy mattress and box spring. Please, make that non-toxic choice today, and like me, you will sleep safe and rest easy." — Ed Begley, Jr., Actor and Environmental Activist

  1. Toxins in bedroom Review by beccadog
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    Excellent book!!! Should be a first approach before shopping for a new mattress.

    The upholstered furniture and mattresses I had as a child nearly 70 years ago presented no known health problems or allergens. But, now, everything has changed. My husband and I had a dry hacking cough presumably from the upholstery materials or the flame retardants used today.

    Reading the book, I googled some of the ingredients which make up the polyurethane foam widely used in petrochemical created cushions and mattresses. No wonder my eyes smarted and my sleeping was constantly awakened with a hacking dry cough leading to hoarseness every morning. I don't want to continue living with these toxins in my ambient environment.

    Because of what I've read, I'm now searching for a mattress made from natural materials from trees, certified organic cotton which is not laden with tons of toxic pest controls or treated with other petrochemical poisons; preferably certified organic wool not grown, produced, or treated with synthetics or petrochemicals. These are more expensive, but so health and prevention is the key to disease.

    I'm not alone. Over 2/3 consumers are especially concerned about petrochemicals in products they purchase. Petrochemicals, come from petroleum, and are agents of war and violence in our bodies. Of the 84,000 chemicals used in commerce today, 64,000 were grandfathered-in in with the passage of the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976. Many disrupt the hormones in our body, the inflammatory process is provoked, and often our bodies are dump sites for these chemicals that we inhale or that enter our skin day and night through indoor air pollution of unregulated and often untested petrochemical poisons.

    We are naive to think all latex comes from the rubber tree. Be it Dunlop or Talalay latex, it may come from the tree, or it may be made from synthetic petrochemical plants, the same as the memory foam in mattresses and cushions, which are highly inflammable and are then treated with equally toxic fire retardants, which themselves present serious damage to public health. They were not tested for human safety and have made many people seriously ill. Wool from sheep is a natural insulator and a natural flame retardant.

    Having health care does not guarantee good health. Sleep without drugs is necessary for a healthy immune system. Personal responsibility must be taken along with wisely researched purchases. I thank Walter Bader for his research and bringing the information to us. Now, it's up to me to find and purchase a far safer mattress. (Posted on 5/6/15)

  2. This book was excellent Review by Buyer
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    This book was excellent, in excellent condition, and arrived by the earliest date estimated. (Posted on 4/23/15)

  3. Health risks of sleeping on a chemical mattress Review by Jeff
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    Recently a friend gave me the book, "Sleep Safe in a Toxic World" by Walter Bader. She knew I was looking for a mattress for my three-year-old son. I am so glad I read this book, as I had no idea about the health risks of mattresses made with synthetic, non organic materials. I also was disappointed to learn that the mattress I was originally considering purchasing contained flame-retardants with known carcinogens. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to educate themselves about the health risks of sleeping on a chemical mattress. It's an easy, worthwhile read, filled with really important information! (Posted on 4/22/15)

  4. Sleeping clean & safe Review by Jo
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    I have been concerned about the toxic exposure I may unwittingly bring into my home. This book helped me learn about how I can have as clean a sleep area as possible, and how to shop for organic mattresses. (Posted on 4/14/15)

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