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Lifekind® Eco-Factory™

What Does an Organic Mattress and Bedding Factory Look Like?

Lifekind Eco-Factory Organic Mattresses

Organic Eco-Factory

As one of Lifekind's valued customers, there are more than a few things you can depend on that make us unique. All stages of organic natural mattress production are completed in one place — our organic mattress Eco-Factory™ in North America devoted solely to organic production. (Our factory, shown at right and below, is so clean, you can almost eat off the floor and an Eco-Factory™ makes only organic products!)

Lifekind Organic Wool for Pillows

Lifekind Eco-Factory Machine


Lifekind® is the most trusted name in organic natural mattresses.

From start to finish, we offer you the purest products available. Our organic natural mattresses start from “scratch” with bales of raw certified organic cotton and naturally safer wool. These raw materials are then sanitized in the only non-chemical ozone chamber in our industry before being built into your organic natural mattress to make certain that unhealthful levels of mold, yeast, or bacteria will never enter your home. The organic raw materials used in our natural mattresses come from sources as close to home as possible, and we are proud to support American organic farmers and offer so many “Made in the USA” items in addition to our natural mattresses.

Our organic natural mattresses are GREENGUARD® certified. We are proud that the first mattresses to become certified by GREENGUARD® were Lifekind natural mattresses. This means that our organic natural mattresses have been tested by the GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute (GEI) and have met acceptable indoor air-quality (IAQ) pollutant guidelines and standards for low emissions.

To ensure that your organic natural mattress arrives in a safe and sanitary condition, it immediately goes into a 6-mil plastic bag, and from there into a double-walled cardboard box. This box is then hermetically sealed using the tight-seal mattress-wrapping equipment shown at right.

Lifekind Eco-Factory Manufacturing

There is no finer manufacturing team, and our natural mattresses usually ship within 10 days or less. Add our friendly, knowledgeable staff and reputation as a stable, brick-and-mortar company that will be here to uphold your warranty, and you'll know why we are America's #1-selling organic natural mattress.


What one customer said who visited our Eco-Factory™:

As a Holistic Health Educator and Practitioner, recommending healthy and pure products to my clients is very important. So when it was necessary for me to evaluate organic mattresses I spent many hours shopping, searching the internet, and comparing before deciding on a Lifekind mattress.

I am thoroughly satisfied with my mattress and wool pillowtop, and when I went to the factory to pick up my purchases I was amazed at the absolute order and cleanliness of the facility. Your personnel and manufacturing integrity are most impressive.

Marcela Ries - Wellness Resource, Ukiah, CA


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