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Organic Mattress Certifications

Lifekind is "the standard for certified purity". We are the industry leader in providing high-quality organic products for the bedroom and bath — without compromise. We are devoted to organic excellence and focus on ways to improve our products and manufacturing processes.

What makes Lifekind different? Our factory makes absolutely the purest mattresses you can buy — and we can prove it! We hold our products up to scrutiny by qualified certifiers who certify to standards internationally recognized and valued as organic assurance. By using only certified organic raw materials, then obtaining organic certification for our own finished products, our third-party certificates prove internal components are certified organic, and all required processes are adhered to.

Three things make Lifekind unique in an industry crowded with seemingly similar products: Our certified raw materials, our certified finished products, and our own developed Eco-Factory™, which is dedicated to producing only organic products.

At Lifekind, we hold third-party certifications from the following organizations. Please note that these logos don't represent just membership, but true third-party inspection and approval: 

GOLS certified logo

Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) Lifekind's latex mattress cores are certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard. GOLS is a certification available to mattress manufacturers. Control Union Certifications (CU), a globally recognized organic certifier, developed GOLS based on their years of experience certifying organic products in other industries, including foods and textiles. This certification ensures that all materials and manufacturing processes adhere to strict and specific global organic standards. See GOLS certification

Control Union certified logo

Control Union Certifications also certifies to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is dedicated specifically to fiber and textile handling and production. The aim of the Standard is to define requirements that ensure the organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way up to labeling, in order to provide credible organic assurance to the end consumer. Products that are GOTS certified are audited once a year. In addition, unannounced "surprise" visits are to be expected.


Lifekind GOTS certification

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Modeled after the organic foods production act of 1990 and validated by the USDA in policy memorandum May 20, 2011, each phase of fiber and textile production requires certification in order to meet GOTS requirements. Because the textile-manufacturing process often involves different facilities and processes before the final product reaches consumers, GOTS ensures that all phases of production are evaluated by an organic certifier in order to comply with organic standards and provides documented evidence to consumers that the product’s materials are truly organic. GOTS prohibits the use of ingredients like formaldehyde, GMOs, heavy metals, copper, fumigants, fluorocarbons, aromatic solvents, and chlorophenols in any part of the production process. Raw materials known to be toxic to the earth or any living organisms are also prohibited. Additionally, GOTS explicitly requires that organic materials do not come in contact with non–organic materials.

The International Working Group (IWG) is the manager and facilitator of GOTS as an international standard. Independent from all certifying agents (including OTCO), IWG, which is responsible for the Global Organic Textile Standard, was formed as an initiative of leading standard organizations in 2002 with the goal of unifying various existing standards and draft standards, which had caused confusion for market participants and consumers and were an obstacle to free international trade in organic textiles. See GOTS certification


GREENGUARD GOLD certification

GREENGUARD Gold At Lifekind, our mattresses have been tested for emissions. In 2006, a Lifekind mattress was the first to be certified by GREENGUARD® for low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions based on strict purity standards. We even pass GREENGUARD®'s most stringent requirements, the Gold Certification Program, for products designed to be used for children and schools.

The GREENGUARD® Gold Certification independent program, conducted by The GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute (GEI — recently purchased by the international organization UL), identifies specific products that have been tested (and continue to be tested) to ensure that their chemical and particle emissions meet acceptable indoor air-quality pollutant guidelines and standards.

The UL/GREENGUARD™; Certification Program is voluntary and available to all manufacturers who are willing to submit their products for verification that they meet GEI's established emission standards. Products are tested for emissions of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aldehydes, respirable particles, and other pollutants using stringent environmental chamber protocols. Exposure concentrations are then compared against specific pollutant standards for each product type using standards established by the EPA, OSHA, and other state and federal agencies and organizations.

Testing takes place in dynamic environmental chambers designed to simulate product use in typical indoor environments. Guidelines for measuring chemical emissions using environmental chambers were established by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). The standards, ASTM D5116-97 and D6670-01, are the foundation for all product-specific test protocols. Environmental chamber-operation and testing protocols follow scientific principles established by the EPA and its Environmental Technology Verification Program, the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), the State of Washington, Germany's Federal Environment Agency, and other applicable government or industry programs.

The printable certificate provided by GREENGUARD® assures consumers that our mattresses meet its criteria for low emissions. (GREENGUARD® measures for certain chemicals in every consumer product it tests. Each of those chemicals is listed on every certificate it issues, along with the allowable maximum emission level for that chemical, regardless of whether the chemical was found in that specific product.) Our certifications can be found at http://www.greenguard.org/ or here Sustainable Product Guide.

Texas-grown certified organic cotton


We know it’s important to support U.S. organic farmers and manufacturers. That’s why we use only Texas-grown certified organic cotton batting in our mattresses and other products. Our cotton is certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture to be in compliance with growing and handling standards set by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).


Confidence in Textiles Logo



The natural rubber latex we use in our latex products other than mattress cores is certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Oeko-Tex is respected internationally for its emissions testing methods, which strive to eliminate substances that are harmful to human health.




Ozone Sanitized


Lifekind has developed this logo to make you aware of our singularly unique characteristic. Naturally occurring contaminants such as mold and mildew spores, yeasts, and bacteria can “hitchhike” from the field or storage facility on raw materials. Our exclusive ozone sanitization process reduces natural contaminants, ensuring the unmatched purity of our materials. At Lifekind, we treat our raw cotton and wool with pure, natural ozone in our exclusive sanitization chamber before building it into our mattresses. The ozone dissipates immediately to oxygen upon release, ensuring the unmatched purity of our products. This is one cornerstone of our Eco-Factory™.

While a factory may make both certified and uncertified products, at Lifekind our factory, located in Northern California, is truly unique — we developed the first and only large-scale Eco-Factory™ dedicated to all-organic manufacturing. In our organic-only manufacturing environment, cross-contamination from conventional products is never an issue. We simply have no harmful chemicals or synthetic raw materials on site. We also believe there is no cleaner sewing facility in the mattress industry than our dedicated sewing room. In addition, our Eco-Factory™ provides a safe and healthful workplace for our employees.


We Use Only Third-Party-Certified Organic Raw Materials

Lifekind® offers the purest certified organic mattress you can find – made of the finest certified raw materials sourced from organic farmers and manufacturers. Our mattresses are made in Northern California with three main ingredients:


Only cotton labeled “certified organic” can be guaranteed (certified) as grown and processed without potentially harmful chemicals. We manufacture products made with only 100% certified organic cotton.


This is the filling used in our quilted cover. Wool keeps you comfortable by minimizing natural body-temperature fluctuations, and it is also naturally flame resistant. The certified organic wool in our mattresses and bedding comes from sheep that are reared organically and treated humanely.


The certified organic natural rubber latex used in our mattresses is sustainably harvested from the milk of tropical rubber trees and manufactured into cores in the USA. It has been independently tested and certified to GOLS (the Global Organic Latex Standard).


Flame Retardant

Lifekind - no chemical flame retardantsOur certified organic wool provides flammability protection without the use of chemical fire retardants or fire barriers. In 2008 and again in 2014 we were audited by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and once again we passed their fire tests with flying colors. view our mattress flammability test